Summer Essential

I absolutely adore the warm weather we have been having lately in Victoria and I have been so stoked to finally wear my new summer pieces.

During the Summer, I love to just throw on something minimal and simple but still look chic. I have been loving jumpsuits for this reason because I literally just throw one on and it looks like I actually put effort into my wardrobe. My coworker actually suggested this cute little culotte jumpsuit from The Gap (shout-out to Reanna if you’re reading this) and I just had to incorporate this as a staple in my wardrobe. It’s so flattering to your body and the tie at the waist adds a nice touch. I love that you can wear something like this to the office but then also throw on a leather jacket in the evening for a more edgy look. I will definitely be wearing this all throughout the next few months as it’s just so easy.

Ps. The Gap actually has some pretty trendy things right now and they usually have great deals so go check it out.






Highly recommend jumpsuits for all you people who like to dress well but don’t like putting effort into your outfits.

Also the sunglasses are RayBan, and I have no idea what store the shoes are from, I bought them from a random vendor in Rome, Italy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! (And Happy Canada Day to all my lovely Canadian friends!)


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