Transitioning to Fall

It’s that time of year again people when it’s chilly in the morning and then deathly hot in the afternoon. Dressing for this weather is always a struggle because most likely you aren’t able to change your outfit throughout the day.


Jumpsuit is Urban Outfitters


Even though I’m always sad to see Summer come to an end I have to say I am quite excited for Fall. I love when the leaves start to turn and the air gets a little bit chilly but most importantly, it’s my favorite season for clothes.


Bag is Matt & Nat


I love this strapless culotte jumpsuit not only because it’s so simple and I literally look like I put so much effort into this outfit, but it’s also pretty breezy for the current temp. I still find wearing a cardigan or sweater too much for this weather so I decided to add a denim button down over my jumpsuit.


Denim top is Topshop


I love how edgy this distressed Topshop denim shirt is. The cutouts make it a lighter layer so it’s not as heavy as a cardigan. I decided to tie it at the bottom just to give the look something extra. I think this will be a great layering piece for Fall.


Shoes are Steve Madden


Finally, I added some cute nude, tie-up heels to make this look more dressed up. I would also pair this outfit with some cute white sneakers to make it more casual.

Happy Almost Fall!

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