Feeling Lost

Feeling lost is ok. It is temporary.

I feel like I repeat this to myself every day. It helps keep the anxious thoughts of not living up to my potential at ease.

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Being in your twenties is the most confusing time in your life. I feel like I’m just floating around waiting for a sign or some sort of direction as to what I’m supposed to do with my life. I recently graduated university and up until now, I was so motivated and eager for this chapter of my life. Now I just feel stuck. All I’ve ever known is how to be a student. Not being able to identify as this anymore is hard to come to terms with. The period between graduating and starting your career feels so messy. I’m financially unstable. I’m only working to pay the bills and not because I find the work pleasant or challenging. Friendships are all over the place and come and go so frequently. And basically, all I want to do is run away and travel the world.

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In the business world, I’m not yet respected because I lack enough credibility and experience. I always thought once I had a degree I would instantly gain respect and have an amazing career. How naive was I? Having a degree is far too common these days. Why would I be any more special? How can I feel so motivated to begin a career yet so defeated at the same time? Feeling lost is an understatement.

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I see so many people around me taking amazing jobs and traveling the world. It’s hard not to compare yourself. I know this is all relative to one’s perspective. I know not many people are successful on the first try and they definitely don’t talk about their fuck ups. I know even though someone’s life looks successful, it’s probably not the same life I want anyway. But here I am… comparing.

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Basically, to keep a positive attitude, I’ve been trying to really embrace these feelings and take it as a learning process. I know someday this small period in my life will seem so insignificant even though it doesn’t feel like it now. A couple of years out of a lifetime really doesn’t seem that awful. So for anyone else having these same thoughts or feelings, just know:

Feeling lost is ok. It is temporary.


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