Turtleneck Season

Turtlenecks are not just for your Grandmas ladies and gentlemen!

Turtleneck season is upon us and if you didn’t know, my favorite piece of clothing is the turtleneck. I find them so easy to pair with any kind of outfit, whether you’re dressing up or going casual. I’m also a very cold human so I love the fact that they keep me cozy.

The best part about Turtlenecks is that you can wear them into Winter, getting the most use out of your favorite staple. Here are four different turtleneck outfits to give you some cold weather apparel inspiration.

Weekend Wardrobe


This is pretty much my Fall/Winter staple outfit. It’s so basic and definitely something that every woman needs in her wardrobe. Just add some accessories to transform the entire outfit. This way no one will question if you’ve been wearing the exact same outfit every day for the last week… which, if you’re like me, you probably have been. You can style this look with some sneakers, some booties or my personal favorite these gold detailed, dark blue patent oxfords. Toss on a hat to complete this look, especially a good call if you just ran out of your dry shampoo.

Business Casual


If you work in a business casual environment or you need to somewhat dress up for an occasion, this is a great option. You can still be incredible cozy at work and still look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit. I love adding a necklace on the outside of the sweater so that there is some visible jewelry to the look. PS: feel free to wear other colours than black, this colour just speaks to my soul.

Sweater Dress


Sweater dresses are my favorite. They look so cute and put together while keeping you nice and warm. It’s like wearing a blanket all day, which is totally ideal. I love wearing these when I’m feeling a little more dressy than my normal jeans and T-shirt attire. I decided to pair this sweater dress with some thigh-high boots to cover my legs and keep them a little bit warmer. You could also pair this look with some tights and of course, there are many different shoe options you can choose from.



Suprise! I own more than one black turtleneck…

Layering is always a good way to enhance your look by adding another dimension to your outfit. It also keeps you warmer for those colder days. I love the contrast of the black turtleneck over the white button-down boyfriend shirt. Again, you can pair these with any kind of shoes but I chose a lighter pair of booties to break up the colour scheme. Blue jeans or even leather leggings are both great options if you want to switch up the pants.

This completes my turtleneck guide. I hope this list inspires you to spice up your turtleneck game!

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